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In typical, the e-book is entire of symbols, but most likely, the most attention-grabbing is the red hunting hat Holden wears.


Predominantly, the Holden’s hat is the image of his alienation.

To be much more precise, when looking at the main hero appears to be unique, he is not a part of his society what will make him separate(Chen a hundred forty five). Holden himself admits that the planet does not want to accept him since he is from yet another side of the universe.

A younger guy buys a hat in New York, following the scenario in which he felt susceptible and excluded. In other words, Caulfield proves to uncover the cap as his protection, the way for demonstrating his uniqueness. “I was form of crying.

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I don’t know why. I place my purple searching hat on and turned weblink the peak all over to the back again, the way I preferred Engage with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics it, and then I yelled at the prime of my goddam voice, “Slumber restricted, ya morons!” I am going to bet I woke up every bastard on the total flooring. Then I obtained the hell out”(Salinger 34). Primarily, the purple hunter’s hat is the device for defining the isolation because of to becoming improved and better than other individuals.

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No person understands him no one needs to acknowledge his electrical power what can make him to change the schools, to grow to be withdrawn and by itself.


It has to be reported that in spite of becoming so arrogant and pretending to be greater, Holden wears a hat because it can help him to hide his deficiency of self-assurance, the incapability to interact deal with-to-encounter and show one’s superiority by the reliable arguments and good behavior. All the things he does is escaping from others, leaving only the perception from the vivid purple hat.

What interests the most is the actuality that the cap is outlandish, it only strengthens the symbolic which means of variation, individuality. Maybe, the main strategy of the novel is the contradiction of Holden’s inner globe. Notably, he often appreciates the place and when he wears hat amongst the strangers, but at the similar time, he never wears it getting with all those folks he is familiar with. “That hat I bought experienced earlaps on it, and I place them on-I didn’t give a damn how I appeared.

No person was close to in any case”(Salinger 53). It speaks about his dubious mother nature and desire to be the two one of a kind, isolated and be about the some others, a portion of his modern society.


A further detail to insert is that the hat expresses his want to be seen and authorized. Nonetheless, Holden struggles to categorical himself only currently being alone, devoid of some others hunting at him.

What is much more, the key hero is fearful of getting judged he would not want to be recognized negatively what in simple fact, does not let him to keep on being honest and open. “I took off my hat and appeared at it for about the nineteenth time. ‘I bought it in New York this early morning.

For a buck. Ya like it?”(Salinger 29). That is why, 1 can condition about the purple hat remaining the symbol of protection, of convenience to be by itself but not punished or harm. The red hat is somewhat funny, and Holden realizes that it is unfashioned and even foolish but still, wears it. In these a way, he shows his admiration of the uncommon things, the want to be unique and to demonstrate the entire entire world that he is not like other individuals.

Furthermore, the hat is the hunter’s a person what will make a reader contemplate Holden Caulfield to be hunting on individuals, who would realize, on individuals who would acknowledge his uniqueness.


The purple hat is just the necessarily mean of expression given that it is so catching that no person would miss it. On top of that, it is the component of his image, the design he produced to be generally underneath the awareness but at the very same time unnoticed. “I could not come across my goddam looking hat everywhere.

Finally, I located it. It was less than the bed” (Salinger fifty three). He was in the worry not becoming ready to find the hat due to the fact it turned an integral attribute of his identification, it was the imply for presenting himself to the entire world screaming about the big difference and uniqueness. In the conclude, the attentive reader sees the major hero’s growth as a character. To be much more particular, Holden provides his red hat with the younger girl Phoebe since he realizes that it would provide her extra than him.

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